BOOK PROJECT…. also the last project T.T

June 24, 2009

The process required is my life from end of highschool til now… ever since I started rapping and making it my number one passion along with producing visual works that goes along with it…

You can see all the process here:


SMOKING POSTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

June 16, 2009

I considered a lot of issues before I even started “planning” anything for this project. The topic of “bullying” was the firs thing that came up on my mind. I drew couple sketches, design logos etc… 3 hours later I found the topic boring and going no where, most of the reason is because it’s a broad topic and part of the reason for me, I personally think it’s too high school on doing such a topic. To rethink it over… yeah… it’s kind of immature to talk about “bullying” especially in an ART UNIVERSITY when the problem itself only exists from middle to high school eras, I mean… I’m way passed that stage already. So I gave up

        Then I went outdoor for a smoke, before I light the lid I was like “OH YEAH! Why not make a project about against smoking?” since I’ve been smoking from grade 9 til now… I’m not joking… I used to be a heavy smoker and my goal is to quit it before 2010, starting this year I only smoke 1 pack per week sometimes better 2 weeks… but anyways, while I was smoking in the same I was also inspired. I knew exactly what I’m going to do and how I’m going at it.

        I can say that, I rarely know what the hell I was doing every time I start on doing something, whether is for school or for myself… like there wasn’t any plans whatsoever. But this one, just as you look at my final poster, it’s the same image that I had inside my head when I was smoking that joint. That ONE cigarette which got me inspired big time. I took a close head shot of my cousin smoking (he is 13 by the way…) I traced the photograph and then adding layers and layers of bluish/purplish colour to create skin tone texture. It’s visually animated rather than realistic though, again I play a lot with opacity for this project.

        The slogan “murder is a tough thing to digest, it’s a slow process” I actually decide to put that on the last moment… like 5 minutes before I’m printing this because I was listen to Jay-Z’s Dead President II, that song is one of Jay-Z biggest classic off his debut album “Reasonable Doubts”. I find thisquote extremely true and useful because is not said by some old people or philosoper, but a POV from a rapper which I can relate to it alot since I rap to… that’s why I put it up!

       Like some people said during the critique, its more of an advertisement rather than a “poster”. Personally I think it can be used as a CD cover too, even T-shirt designs if there wasn’t any slogan underneathe

Progressing on project 1 (WELCOME TO MY BLOCK)

June 16, 2009

To start off, there wasn’t any themes or ideas intended when I was making this work, I didn’t know what I was doing. The only thing I knew was that you have to make it real/fake or fake/real, with that in mind I proceed without any theme or any idea regarding which direction I’m going at… except for expressing myself like I always do…

        I was thinking since this is the first project of actually producing something. It’s a great opportunity to express who I am and what I do. So I asked myself what influenced my life the most? Answer is hip-hop and urban culture. So I took pictures of things that represent that well: fitted cap, Nike kicks, rap CD that I recorded and self took photo of myself acting goofy. I took those pictures down in my basement with intended lighting and I removed the background and add a blue colour scheme on top of every pictures with heavy stroke filters. I play around a lot with opacity and effects to reach the half realistic yet half computer generated images…

        But somehow these images don’t fit into one another and I don’t really want to make this project into 4 separate parts rather I want all the components fit in with one another… so I took the self photo and fill the background with building of the same effect I did with my shoes and cap… and it looks good.. I think

what TBEEZY is all about

June 2, 2009

Sorry I didn’t have time to update my blog because I was busy preparing for this audition that is coming up…

I go by the name TBEEZY, that’s my ego when I play my role as an artist. I think urban music influenced me a lot when I need inspiration to create my artworks.

        Not all my works are visual though, I’ll say 60% of them are music and 40% are visuals. I produce a lot of hip-hop/music tracks from time to time and I also act as a MC (rapper) with collaboration of local rap artists.

        Starting of 2008 I make quite a lot of music videos to promote my music, it was funny because it started out as doing projects for my video art class, it became a interest later on. I’ll say the main purpose is to promote myself and let others get into my world by looking/listening to my creations. , <– I put my works up there, there are up to 70-80 musical tracks along with visual works such as canvas drawings or digital work along with self produced videos. I update the site like every week so feel free to leave comments, messages etc…

Hello world!

May 11, 2009

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